Employer Services Overview

Why Velocity Talent?

Tailored: As no two people are the same, no recruitment solution is exactly the same. An 80% ‘match’ on paper isn’t good enough for us. We determine the unique needs of your company, taking into account your position requirements, your culture, and your timeline, and we speak to each candidate personally and their references to make sure they’re a great fit before presenting them to you.

Targeted: Velocity Talent always has a finger on the pulse of business. We keep up with the latest studies and recruiting methodologies. We know your competition. We know where to find the top talent. And we know how to bring them to you. Our team digs deep to find the best fit, not just the most available. We have decades of experience, an arsenal of proven sourcing techniques, and a global network of contacts.

Timely: By taking the time to understand your company, your culture, and your unique needs, we’re able to hit the ground running. Instead of wasting time presenting candidates who ‘might’ be a good fit, we start our search knowing exactly who to look for, making the recruiting process efficient for everyone involved.

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What We Can Do For You

Direct Placement Solutions. We’re experts at finding impact players who will get involved and make a difference.

Contract Staffing Solutions. Special projects require unique and hard-to-find talent that can make an immediate impact. One phone call is all that is needed to get the ball rolling on those urgent needs.

Flexible Payment Options. We offer different levels of services to accommodate your needs. Check out our Fee Structure for more details.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing. If you’re looking to significantly increase staff or to outsource recruiting all together, RPO is a time-saving and cost-effective option. Let us manage the entire hiring process, allowing you to focus on the needs of your current employees.

Other Services. We offer many other services to help you find and keep top talent.

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