Ancillary Services

Retention Solutions. Our commitment to you doesn’t end when our talent is hired. We stand behind our talent with a pro-rated, one year warranty, and we want to help you retain all of your key employees. As recruiters, we talk to candidates every day. We know why people leave, but—better yet—we know what makes them stay.

Assessment Testing

They’ve got the skills on paper, but are they a good fit? We can help you assess the long-term compatibility of candidates with your business culture. Using the leading tools to analyze profiles, skill sets, and candidates’ experience, our recruiters can provide you with the insight you need to make smarter hiring decisions.

Background Checks

They seem genuine, but how do we really know their past? We can offer you comprehensive information about a candidate, including supplying a full background check.

Client Activity Management System

I know you’re working for me, but what are you doing? The MRINetwork online system offers real-time exchange between hiring managers and recruiters as well as contact management and metrics data. All of the information is provided from a single, Internet-accessible point, keeping you in the loop, all the time.

Salary Surveys and Evaluation

I want the best, but how much will it cost? Because MRINetwork is truly worldwide, we have the ability to provide clients and candidates with realistic information concerning salaries in every major business sector, in almost any location of the world, allowing you to understand the financial impact hiring your desired candidate will make.


Through our MRINetwork, we have the ability to do remote business meetings via videoconference. This allows you to be in multiple locations to conduct interviews, sales meetings or other communication necessities at a very favorable price (minus the cost of air transportation, car rental and associated travel expenses).

Velocity Talent is your Business Solutions Partner. If you're ready to improve your life, your career. and your company, contact us.

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