Contract Opportunities

Velocity Talent knows you have unique needs and goals. We want to help you find the right opportunity every time. Contract employment lets you gain experience, tackle new goals and challenges, and network in meaningful ways within your chosen profession.

Why contract employment?

The days of working for just one company for an entire career are long gone. Today's best candidates have diverse skills and accomplishments that come from working in a multitude of challenging environments. Contract employment allows you to hone a portfolio of skills while filling a variety of exciting roles.

The flexibility of contract employment provides you valuable benefits:

Potential for higher earnings: Companies typically pay a premium to get the right contractor, with the right skills, at the right time.

Travel opportunities: With each new assignment comes the chance to work at another location of your choosing, from across town to across the country. You decide where you want to go.

Skills portfolio: Every contract assignment offers the opportunity to build your resume by learning new skills, as well as sharpening existing ones.

Potential for permanent employment: As a contract employee, you'll have the advantage to evaluate the company from the inside to see if the company is right for you.

Work-Life balance: Contract employees have more flexibility to prioritize and balance their personal life and work schedule.

Access to benefits: Contract employees have access to an array of benefits through our MRINetwork benefit provider.

How does Velocity Talent stand apart from other contract staffing companies?

Quality. Our team of recruiters work with proprietary methodologies built around securing high level, professional contracting opportunities.

Quantity. As part of MRINetwork, we have access to global opportunities across a full spectrum of industries, functions, and skill-sets.

Adaptability. We are highly trained to be perceptive, engaged experts in full-solution candidate placement. Utilizing a consultative approach, our recruiters will be your representative.

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